Shorepower Savings


 Truck Idling Costs
Average Truck Idling Time per Day 10 hours per day
Number of Days Idling per Month 25 days per month
Gallons of Diesel Used per Hour 1 gallon per hour
Fuel Cost per Gallon $3.25 per gallon
Maintenance $0.07*
Total Cost per Month $628.00 per Month
Shorepower Costs  
Hours of Shorepower Used per Day 10 hours per day**
Days of Shorepower Usage per Month 25 days per month
Shorepower Cost per Hour $1.00 per hour
Shorepower Connection & Cab Equipment Cost per Month $30.00***
Shorepower Cost per Month $280.00 per Month

Savings per Month Using Shorepower: $348.00

Every hour you use Shorepower instead of idling you’re going to save over $2.00

The more you replace idling with Shorepower the more you save. You could save over $350 per month if you use Shorepower full time instead of idling.

You can start using Shorepower by simply purchasing a heavy-duty extension cord. Available here.

Order Shorepower now.


*Source: Tardiff LP.

** Assumes ~$1,000.00 equipment and installation amortized over 3 years.

***Assumes that Shorepower use eliminates ALL idling at rest.