Shorepower is growing a national network of truck stop electrification systems to meet the growing demand for idle-reduction options at truck travel centers. We are currently seeking investors to continue the expansion of this network along high volume national Interstate corridors. This is an excellent business opportunity for investors, with a strong long-term revenue stream.


FDNY ambulance                     Sapp Bro Plugged in Truck

In addition to revenue, there are multiple advantages to our Shorepower technology*:

  • Power vending technology that can monitor use and operated remotely;
  • Three ways to order power to fit customers’ needs: calls to a 24-hour call center, online, or at a kiosk on site;
  • Capacity for handling billing for a parking spot reservation program, including payment of revenue to the truck stop;
  • Security for protecting customer information;
  • Virtually instant reprogramming for promotional events (discounts);
  • Firmware which ensures the customer’s power remains on should there be a computer or network communications failure.
    *more information on technology

Other business lines include:

  • Design and installation of turnkey power systems for warehouses or terminals, and ambulances or municipal equipment on standby;
  • Partnerships with Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) manufacturers for Shorepower-capable equipment.  These units are for chilling refrigerated trailers or “reefers.”
  • Plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) and electric vehicle (EV) power installations. Our infrastructure and control system is directly adaptable to these multiple transportation electrification opportunities.

Investors seeking more information about Shorepower please contact:

Jeff Kim, President and Chief Executive Officer,
(503) 686-8844 or (503) 892-7345