Electric Standby Infrastructure for Reefers


Shorepower offers comprehensive turnkey infrastructure for electric trailer refrigeration units (eTRU), also known as hybrid-electric reefers. Diesel-driven trailer refrigeration units (TRUs) create noise and air pollution and are expensive to operate while stationary, for both fuel and maintenance when compared to electricity.

As an alternative to using a diesel engine while loading, unloading, pre-cooling or staging, reefers equipped with electric standby can be powered by a shore power grid connection, saving 40% to 70% over diesel. Major TRU manufacturers Carrier Transicold and Thermo King offer electric standby options. In addition to reduced diesel consumption, these request-free-proposal-buttondesigns offer higher inherent reliability, smaller quantities of refrigerant charge, and much lower potential for refrigerant leakage due to their closed refrigeration system design (similar to household refrigeration).

Shorepower’s turnkey infrastructure includes everything from design to hardware and drive away prevention through commissioning. We even offer consulting on finding grants and incentives to offset the cost of the project. To get started with a free proposal, complete this questionnaire.


Successful Demonstration Projects

Project A. Shorepower demonstrated a pre-commercial version of a U.S.-spec eTRU. Ten eTRU trailers operating at a commercial facility with electrified loading docks were used to demonstrate and collect real-world data on the fuel and emissions impact. After a successful demonstration, Carrier Transicold decided to go forward with an eTRU designed specifically for the U.S. market. The rollout of this technology will be affected by market acceptance that is now strongly driven by diesel fuel prices and turnover of the trailer fleet.

Project B. At a facility in New York, ten reefers with electric standby and a Shorepower-patented under-trailer wiring system were connected to electric infrastructure. This demonstration determined the fuel and emissions impact of installing the electric TRUs and showed significantly reduced criteria air emissions in and around the facility.


Download Shorepower’s report to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA and read the press release).


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