To buy Shorepower you need 2 things:

1)  A heavy-duty 12 gauge extension cord to plug intoconnection cords the Shorepower pedestal.  If you don’t have a heavy-duty cord with you, you can usually buy one at a Shorepower-equipped travel plaza (see a list of Shorepower locations). We also offer 100′ cords  in our Store. We recommend 100′ cords for full size trailer trucks that back into the parking space.

2)  Any credit card or COMDATA card.  We suggest creating an account to save time ordering in the future.  To open an account or buy Shorepower:

  • Call 1-888-841-3137 from any phone, 24/7
  • Or follow this link to
  • Or buy Shorepower at the kiosk on site:

Kiosk order screen        Using card         Getting receipt

Turn on the breaker and plug in when the light is green.  It’s easy and fast.

For extra help, go to the troubleshooting page or call 1-888-841-3137.

Helpful hints:

  • Caution: 12 volt appliances will not work.  Use any off-the-shelf 110 volt appliance.  For charging  batteries, 230V is also available.
  • Don’t forget the switch the breaker ON at the power pedestal to start power.
  • Don’t forget to flip a GFCI in your cab in case power doesn’t start.
  • Instructions on how to buy Shorepower are also on the power pedestals.

Enjoy Clean, Quiet, Affordable Shorepower*


* Useful for RVs too