Shorepower is a major contributor to idle reduction in the long haul trucking industry, and has been recognized by transportation, energy, and other organizations for making idle reduction practical and affordable for truck owner/operators and fleets.

Drive OregonShorepower is Honored as Drive Oregon’s Member of the Month

Drive Oregon honors business members who provide electric vehicle charging facilities for their
staff and customers, or promote the use of sustainable, renewable energy resources for vehicle
—December 2, 2014

Fleet Equipment

fleet equipment magImplementing idle reduction solutions to save money, meet regulations
“The Shorepower Truck Electrification Project (STEP) provides environmental benefits that come from not running the truck engine or even an APU engine. At around $1 per hour for electricity, it may also provide a cost savings in situations where drivers need to park for short rest breaks or overnight stops,” said David Kiefer of Carrier Transicold.
—By Jason Morgan, Aug 27, 2014

landline mag logoLand Line Magazine

“Shorepower gains full control of Electrification Project”
Shorepower has gained complete control of the Shorepower Truck Electrification Project (STEP), according to a press release.  As part of a $10 million project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy under the Recovery Act, truck drivers can now plug into the outlets to run air conditioners, heaters and appliances rather than keep the engines idling for power. To reduce the nation’s dependency on foreign oil, the Department of Energy’s goal with the project was to reduce the use of diesel fuel.
—OOIDA, July 17, 2014

Carbon War RoomCarbon War Room

“Confidence Report: Idle Reduction Solutions”
North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE)
—June 25, 2014

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance Mag“How one fleet leverages technology and best practices to reduce operating expenses”

David A. Kolman, March 13, 2014

CBS Pittsburgh, KDKA Channel 2 (video)

KDKA logo“Idle Threat’ To Debut At Three Rivers Film Festival”
George Pakenham and Rachel Filippini of CBS stop by to talk about “Idle Threat.”


121 Ways to Save Fuel: Idle Reduction

HDT82. Use off-truck idle reduction options
Shore power brings standard AC voltage into the truck cab so drivers can power devices for comfort and entertainment. Some trucks come equipped with shore power connections; others may need an inverter. Some APUs also have the option to plug in where available.
—June 2014,, Heavy Duty Trucking

Nightly Business Report  (video)nbr-logo

NBR StaffOctober 16, 2013

Secure America’s Future Energy – Advanced Technology Award 2013

Securing America's logo“Shorepower Technologies has deployed Truck Stop Electrification services to over 1,800 parking spots at 62 U.S. locations, enabling long-haul trucks and refrigerated truck trailers to draw power from the grid rather than idle or run diesel engines while drivers take mandatory rest periods or pause during extended journeys.”
—October 2013

imgresDepartment of Energy:  Interstate Grid Electrification Improvement Project 

This demonstration project was designed to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil and improve air quality by providing an alternative to truck idling.  Idle reduction was addressed by (1) building transportation electrification at fifty truck travel centers along major interstates and (2) providing a rebate incentive (up to 20%) for battery operated and/or shore power capable idle reduction equipment on Class 8 trucks. The project adopted the market title “Shorepower Truck Electrification Project” or STEP project.
—March 2011 – Present

Overdrive LogoOverdrive Fuel Tips:  Anti-Idling tips to save you money

From a list of tips created by Overdrive Magazine –  Use Shorepower when it’s available.  The truck stop electrification movement to help eliminate idling has gained steam in the past year, with plug-in options available at many more parking spaces.
–October 2012

NYSERSA logoTruckstop Electrification Business Development

Utica, NY (WIBX) – A project backed by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority in partnership with the state Department of Transportation looks to reduce a truck drivers’ idle time at designated rest stops.  Shorepower will complete the installation of 72 electrical stations at three truck stops in the state.  (Truck stops are in Champlain, Pembroke, and
—April 2011

Electrified Parking Spaces for FDNY AmbulancesNYSERSA logo

Funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), this project funds Shorepower’s design,
Portland Business Journalinstallation, and gallons of fuel, to maintain interior comfort, operate communications equipment, and keep medical supplies at the proper temperature. Plugging in using evaluation of 10 street-side electric connection stations to support reduced ambulance idling. The average New York City Fire Department ambulance idles 12 hours per day, using 14 street-side connections will be yield better air quality for people both inside and outside the ambulances. See also the Portland Business Journal.
—September 2014