Shorepower Technologies designs, manufactures and operates transportation electrification equipment for:  Truck Stops (TSE), electric Transport Refrigeration Units (eTRU) and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), also known as electric vehicle charging stations.  Shorepower Technologies is known best for its Truck Stop Electrification power service at over 1,800 parking spots at 60 U.S. locations, where long-haul trucks and refrigerated truck trailers can draw power from the grid rather than idle their engines when parked.  Electricity is a clean inexpensive power for appliances drivers use during rest periods, as well as engine block heating or trailer refrigeration.  Shorepower is popular with RVs for charging batteries or staying overnight.

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Cord button1Shorepower supplies standard 110v AC and 208v power.  You can use any off-the-shelf electric appliance to make life on the road comfortable and convenient: heaters, coffeemakers, microwave ovens, hand-held vacuums, chargers, and power tools, etc. Order cords and starter kits here.

Praise for Shorepower

“Shorepower is a great service for me.  I have all the amenities of home, and using it is simpler than starting a generator after traveling all day in cold weather.”
– Mike S, driver

“It’s a great thing for the people who live near the truck stop for reducing noise and fumes. I hope more drivers come to use this service, it will save you a bunch of $$$$ over time.”
– Barry and April S, drivers

“Since we do have Shorepower connectivity (on our trucks), our drivers plug in when they can.  The benefit of Shorepower is that it runs our trucks’ hotel load and the HVAC system, plus it recharges our trucks’ batteries.  We feel Shorepower is a perfect complement to our battery system, and it’s been a long time coming to the trucking industry.”
– Royal Jones, President and CEO, Mesilla Valley Transportation

“I am pushing your product to other drivers with my easy electric heaters and AC system.  Please keep up the hard work.”
– Larry P, driver

Cleaner air (that we all have to breathe), lower costs for companies managing large fleets, less dependence on oil, and a super cool clean technology idea!”
– Ann G, driver

“Shorepower sure is saving us a lot. Thank you for making life on the road a little more easier.”
– Ken and Liz B, co-drivers

“This just makes sense to keep from burning excess fuel.”
– Mark R, driver

Electricity is the best, most cost-effective way to deliver energy to remote destinations from faraway sources of many different types. When oil becomes economically unfeasible, having an electric grid standing ready will be an absolute necessity.”
– Andy M.

“I am a driver on CPAP for sleep apnea. We need to plug in power at more places to be able to use CPAP which we have to keep our medical cards.”
– Bob S, driver

“The sooner the industry dumps the dirty diesel for clean fuel alternatives, both at rest and on the road, the better.”
– Bill B, driver

If the Shorepower parking spaces are blocked
 by trucks or trailers who aren’t using the service, and you are at a Pilot Flying J or TA/Petro truck stop, contact Customer Service and let them know:

Pilot Flying J Customer Service

(877) 866-7378
Customer service form:

TA/Petro Customer Service
(800) 632-9240
Customer service form: